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Keep up with everything that VoteSC has been up to and the exciting things ahead for VoteSC as we countdown to November 3rd!


Thanks to the work of the USC Athletics Black Lives Matter Action Team, the USC Galen Center will officially open as a Vote Center on October 30th and remain open until November 3rd. 

Galen Ready to Open as LA Vote Center
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Hear from the VoteSC executive board, coalition groups, and USC student organizations on why every vote matters.  

VoteSC launches "Why We Vote" Series


Social Media Director Emily Caruso writes on the importance of the youth vote, campus engagement, and the work of VoteSC. #wevotenext!

 Daily Trojan Op-Ed Promotes Civic Engagement, VoteSC
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DAILY TROJAN - As a college campus, USC is home to many voters who are casting their ballots for the first time. 

First-time student voters hit the polls for midterm elections
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DAILY TROJAN - VoteSC signed up an estimated 2,000 student voters by Monday’s California voter registration deadline, a substantial increase from the 411 students were registered in 2016.

VoteSC registers 2,000 students using online platform
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DAILY TROJAN - VoteSC, a coalition of students focused on voter education, registration and civic engagement and the Unruh Institute of Politics are co-sponsoring the competition to increase the number of students registered in California by Oct. 22, the registration deadline

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Read about former and current USC professors and alums who share their first time voting experiences and the importance of civic engagement from an early age.

USC Alumni and Faculty Share First Memories at the Polls
Women Holding Hands


VoteSC is committed to highlighting BIPOC voices and empowering black students to engage civically. We stand in solidarity with the USC Black Student Assembly and plan to work closely with a diverse coalition to encourage inclusivity on campus and beyond.

VoteSC Posts Statement in Support of Racial Equity
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We talked about voter engagement and the millennial vote with Jeff Klein, Manager of Civic Engagement, Community Relations, and Legislation for the LA County Registrar's office.  

Voting Webinar FB Live
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ANNENBERG MEDIA - USC students often claim that compared to our counterparts at UC Berkeley and UCLA, our student body is less politically active.

How student groups are working to combat USC’s political inactivity
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ANNENBERG MEDIA - Morgan Stephens covers National Voter Registration Day on Campus for Annenberg Media's nightly news program. 

Annenberg TV Coverage of National Voter Registration Day


GSG, IDEAS, and VoteSC partner on an event during undocumented week of action. Each day of the week offered themed events, focusing on advocacy, awareness, and allyship for the undocumented and international student community.

VoteSC partners with IDEAS for Undocumented Week of Action
9-24 National Voter Registration Day-58.


Learn about how VoteSC gained visibility, streamlined the voter engagement process across campus, forged a diverse coalition of campus partners, and generated 1,700 student signups, all with the help of Turbovote.

A Turbovote Success Story
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DAILY TROJAN - Karan sits down with Vote ’SC co-founder Eleonora Viotto to discuss how the campaign has worked to bring as many students to the polls as possible on Election Day. 

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USC DORNSIFE - Only half of eligible millennials cast their vote in the 2016 presidential election, and in the last midterm election less than a quarter showed up to the polls. But, if they turn up in record numbers on Nov. 6, they have the power to shape the course of our political future. Will they flex their muscle at the polls?

FB Live on First-Time Voters with the co-founders of Vote SC
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DAILY TROJAN - Nearly 500 USC students registered to vote on National Voter Registration Day Tuesday in front of Tommy Trojan.

Nearly 500 students register to vote at registration drive
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