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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register to vote in California even though I'm an out-of-state student?

Yes, you can! If you've never registered before, you can simply register using your local address (if you live on campus, you can use your dorm address). If you have previously registered using an out-of-state address, you can register in California as long as you update your registration with your home state as well. 

When should I re-register/update my registration?

You should re-register or update your registration whenever you move or change mailing address (this includes moving between on-campus dorms or off-campus residences), change political affiliation, or change your name. 

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Will my voting location or status affect my financial aid?

No, it will not. 

Do I need to register with a party?

No, you do not. However, certain primaries (depending on your state) may be open to only voters registered as party members are allowed to vote on the candidates that will proceed to the general election. 

Note: In the state of California, there is an option to register as an 'American Independent' which is a political party rather than registering as an 'Independent'. To register as an independent, simply check no party preference

Can I register online?

Depends on your state. Some states offer a full online registration, while others require you to mail in your completed form with your details to the Secretary of State office. You can find out what your state requires using our TurboVote site.

What date do I need to register by?

This also depends on your state. Typically, you need to register between 6-8 weeks before election day in order to be eligible to vote, but some states (including California in 2020 at vote centers) will allow same-day voter registration. To find out what your state's deadline is, go to your Secretary of State's website. 

More Questions? Check out this handy chart.

If you still have questions, reach out and contact us! 

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