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"About Us"

Learn about our journey.

VoteSC is a new initiative spearheaded by the USC Political Student Assembly (PSA), the USC Center for the Political Future, and the Unruh Institute of Politics to encourage students to civically engage during elections.

As a nonpartisan student organization, VoteSC seeks to make voting more accessible to students by removing barriers and increasing the information available on voting, elections and civic engagement as well as to promote a campus culture of voter awareness, education, registration and turnout.
Our mission is to increase voter turnout and campus civic engagement.

Who we are?

In our inaugural semester in Fall 2018, VoteSC engaged over 2000 students in the voting process.

USC competed against UCLA to see who can register the most voters before the midterm elections in November. The VoteSC coalition co-sponsored the competition with the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk, the UCLA BruinsVOTE! Coalition, the USC Center for the Political Future, and TurboVote to increase the number of students registered in California by Monday, October 22, the registration deadline


What We’ve Accomplished

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Another Story